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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 10, 2013 7:00am-7:30am PST

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welcome back, everybody. this is our shot of the day. you're about to meet jackson marshall. there is kenny, her husband and jackson's father. that is a good baby. i went to visit them the day after jackson was born in the middle of the snowstorm, and he didn't cry once. he is a very good baby and congratulations to them. >> he was born in a blizzard. >> a blizzard baby. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. it was fun. >> tune into the after the show, show where we talk about more embarrassing things. the fox alert for this sunday morning and the great clean up continues. millions of people from pennsylvania all the way through maine continuing to dig themselves out of as much as three feet of snow. a lot of people are bracing freezing temperatures this morning as they try to get back
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to normal, shoveling away mounds of white stuff that covers your cars, your sidewalks. look at that. your drive ways and your main roadways. good morning, everyone, and welcome to america's news headquarters on this sunday morning. i'm eric shawn. >> so much for getting your car out of that. i'm jamie colby. great to have you theory this morning. about 345,000 people still don't have power. of course, that means no heat. that's down from 650,000 at the height of the historic blizzard. >> you've never seen it this bad. >> this is terrible. >> a couple times we thought we were walking over park benches and cars. we couldn't be sure. they were so buried. >> never heard that before. aanna kooiman is life in milfor, connecticut. how does it look there, anna? >> reporter: take a look, jamie. it's wild. folks in the northeast are used to dealing with this type of weather, but many of them say that they have never seen anything like this, and they're
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even comparing it to the blizzard of '78. some folks saying it's even worse. we're in milford, connecticut. 38 inches of snow have fallen. the u.s. postal service suspended service. this mailbox here gives you an idea of how much snow is on the ground. same thing with the sidewalk that has been plowed here, but it's just insane, what people are having to go through even though they're used to it. i want to you listen to what some of the residents have to say. >> what was it the blizzard of '78, i think it was, and it was just like this deep also. maybe this is a little deeper. no. this is definitely deeper. >> this is the most snow i've ever seen. it's unbelievable. >> the storm is being blamed for at least five deaths in the united states including an 11-year-old boy in boston who died of carbon monoxide poisoning while waiting in a car as his father was digging out snow. the travel bans have been lifted in massachusetts and connecticut, but the state's governors are still urging
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caution. >> do not go on the roads. stay off the roads. first of all, they're not as safe as we would like them to be, secondly, there's a lot of blowing snow. thirdly, there are entrances and exits that are still not open. >> and some pictures just coming into fox newschannel. police in new york are bringing in road graders and portions of the long island expressway are closed in both directions until 5:00 for snow removal. let's where about 150 cars were stuck and emergency crews had to make rescues. the majority of new york actually fared pretty well outside of long island. governor cuomo is sending plows and power crews from new york to massachusetts since they were hit even harder. of course, some school districts have decided to cancel classes for tomorrow which complicates things for the parents which have to head back to work. one more piece of information. boston public transportation is still at a stand still. they're hoping to get things up and running tomorrow. back to you. >> anna, great report.
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thanks so much. stay warm. and just to give you an idea of exactly how fast the snow came down this weekend, in some spots it was about an inch, this much per hour. take a look at this incredible time lapse video from rocky hill, connecticut. you can see the snow is gathering there. it's accumulating over a 12 hour period. that clock started at about 5 p.m. on friday evening. well, by 5 a.m. the next morning, 12 hours later, it's climbing up and up and up. the ruler pretty much completely covered by snow. finally measured at 38 inches in all. that is just over three feet. >> well, that blizzard not only dumping an historic amount of snow, causing some serious coastal flooding, too, especially in parts of massachusetts where there was huge waves yesterday. look at this crashing down on homes, littering the streets with debris. what is the impact all of this will have on the ongoing efforts to get things up and running
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when tomorrow's commute comes. joining me on the phone, peter judge from the mississippi emergency management agency. peter, thanks for joining us again. >> my pleasure, jamie. >> how are things looking today? the flooding you thought would be a problem ended up being pretty serious. >> yes, it did. in fact, we have a number of rapid assessment teams out this morning on the north shore and the south shore and cape cod evaluating the damage. obviously we're talking about 15 or 20 communities that did experience very severe flooding during the 10:00 high tide yesterday morning. >> as i'm looking at a lot of news coming out of massachusetts, i'm seeing that this storm did end up being one for the record books, up with the top -- one of the top five snowstorms in new england history. another storm may be on the way. how are you preparing for that. >> >> well, as we always do. we're doing our best right now to stay ahead of -- well, basically catch up with this
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storm. get things as ready as possible and just as we did for this storm, we thought we did a great job of preparation. the best thing about these storms, you usually h get a heas up. we were 48 hours out with things prepositioned. you can't do anything about mother nature. hopefully you can prepare yourself the best way possible. >> you got close to three feet or more in many areas, boston included, worcester, other parts of massachusetts. at this point how is the cleanup going and what do you expect the commute to be like tomorrow? >> it's going very well. the main reason i think is the governor had issued a travel ban a day ago and lifted it last evening, but what it did is it enabled all of those crews, both state crews and local crews, to get out there and get ahead of the storm, to treat the pavement ahead of time. as of this morning, major thorough fares were in great shape. now we're looking at obviously the side roads and secondary roads. i tend to think by the first
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thing on monday morning the commute, if you're driving, is probably not going to be hampered that much by the road conditions. >> so let me ask peter finally. i know governor cuomo from new york and the governor of rhode island send resources, the national guard came in to help. are they still on the ground, and were those resources hemful? >> absolutely. they sent a bunch of equipment to help move snow, plows, certainly front end loaders, a number of equipment. also just personnel to help with some chain saw crews to clear debris off of these roads to allow the plows and more importantly at this point, the utilities to get out there and get the lights back on. we still have about 240,000 people in the dark, and obviously we're going to do everything we can to help the utilities get those people back in their homes with the lights on. >> i read the story of one little boy who died of carbon monoxide poisoning while his dad was shoveling and he was staying in the car warm.
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folks should be really careful. peter, you've been a great resource the last couple of days to help us understand the significance of the storm in your area. >> thank you very much. everyone be safe. now we have another fox alert for you now, this one from california. new information coming on that state's largest manhunt in history. police are now setting up a special new task force to try and find that excop and navy veteran who has turned into a triple murder suspect. he's evaded a massive law enforcement operation covering three states and mexico for the past week. fox news is getting in video of the suspect, former police officer christopher dorner. that's him. it shows him training during his time with the los angeles police department. investigators are also finding his rambling manifesto in which dorner says the violence, he claims, retaliation against colleagues who he says got him fired because of his race. the lapd now agreeing to look
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into dorner's claims of racism while he was on the job. even more urgently, they're desperately trying to track this murder suspect down so he doesn't allegedly strike again. he reportedly has named 40 people on his so-called hit list. those people under heavy 24-hour police protection. we'll have a full live report on dorner's case on the manhunt and the efforts to find him before he potentially strikes again coming up in the next hour. imagine that. this tuesday in washington when president obama delivers what some are calling the most important state of the union address of his entire presidency. you'll be sitting in front of the television watching. his advisors say he take on some of our country's most controversial issues including taxes, spending, immigration, and of course, gun control. but he'll need help from congress if he wants to then get it all done. bob kusack is the managing
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editor of the hill and a good friend of program. good morning, bob. >> good morning. >> how important is this? what's the dinners between this state of the union -- what's the difference between this state of the union and the ones delivered previously? >> this is probably the most important speech of his second term. the time is now for president obama. he's got the political momentum. there's actually some bi-partisanship break out on capitol hill as well as on gun control and immigration. he has to move quickly. he's got the stage, you know. we're not talking about 2016 and about a year from now. we'll be talking about the 2014 election. will hillary clinton run. now president obama has to capitalize and i think he's got to get some type of landmark legislation signed into law by the summer. >> interesting that you bring up legislation because the president will talk about issues that are so important to our nation, but then he's got to convince congress to act and acted in a bi-partisan way. it may cost money. i want to show you this fox news poll about how americans are reacting to the potential if
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there were to be another economic stimulus. 61% of americans oppose that idea. so even if the president could get congress to agree to oppose legislation that he wants, do we have the money to pull it off? >> no, and republicans are not going to go for that. i mean, that's clear. they were not enamored with president obama's inaugural address which was really loved by the left. i think he's going to have to change tactics a little bit and we're seeing some reports that anything that the president proposes that would cost money would have to be offset from other cuts elsewhere in the federal government. republicans are saying you know, just offsetting cuts is not enough. we have to make major, major cuts and we're going to see that in the coming weeks with paul ryan's budget. that will be a big battle. in the meantime, president obama has got to set the stage for a lot of activity. there's not a lot of trust between president obama and republicans in congress. that's something he has to address. >> how do you overcome that? that really is going to be the only way that we can move our
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country forward. >> jamie, i think the way that president obama can address it is the way he did with the fiscal cliff. you know, he keeps somewhat distance from congress and maybe has vice-president joe biden do a lot of the heavy lifting. he and senator mitch mcconnell have a good relationship. mcconnell and obama have almost no relationship. as long a the rhetoric is not too sharp and biden does the heavy lifting, biden weighing a 2016 white house bid, maybe that's the way. >> what's the proper balance, do you think in the state of the union address between talking about taxes, talking about spending, talking about gun control, immigration which is very much in the news as well. also jobs which is not on the agenda that much for this particular speech. >> yes. president obama has to be very careful not to get away too much from jobs and the economy. that is still the number one issue.
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i don't think you'll see a lot of huge new initiatives in the state of the union because he has so much, as you mentioned, to tackle. gun control, immigration, energy, climate change. that's going to be a very devisive issues, but he's got to focus on jobs and the economy. he just eliminated his jobs council, so democrats certainly want him to talk about the economy a lo a lot. >> we'll be listening tuesday night, of course. right here on the fox newschannel. bob, always great to have you here. have great sunday. >> you too, thanks. >> eric. well, jamie in the next howr we'll have more on the state of the union and what we can expect. we will have maine senator ab as king who will tell us what he wants to hear from the president on tuesday. he happens to be the senate's only independent. meanwhile, breaking out of iran, new developments in response to the u.s. willingness to engage in potential 1-on-1 talks with tehran over its disputed nuclear program. thiranian president ahmadinejad
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marking the anniversary of the 1979 islam i can revolution. he said he would be willing to engage the u.s. in 1-on-1 talks but only if western powers lift sanctions and other pressure off his country. will this work? joining us now as he does every sunday at this time, juice ambassador john bolton who is a fox news contributor. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, eric. glad to be with you. >> good to see you. joe biden raised the possibility of 1-on-1 talks. what's the likely hood of u.s. officials sitting down with president ahmadinejad. >> pretty unlikely given that the ayatollah khomeine has pretty much ruled that out. this would be the moment to do that. biden clearly thinks he can help cut a deal. you've got a new secretary of state who believes in negotiation with iran almost like it's a theology. if i were sitting in tehran, i'd
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say i can get major concessions from the americans just to get them to the table. they may be thinking they're going to do it with the five permanent members of the security council in germany and get the concessions that way. if i were iran, i would see this as an ideal time to bring the west to the table. >> do you believe in negotiations with iran? >> no, of course not. the iranians are not going to give up their nuclear weapons program voluntarily. what they do want is relief in m the economic sanctions. that's the hidden message between what ahmadinejad and other leaders are saying. they don't want to negotiate under pressure meaning they want the sanctions lifted, and i think the obama administration is weak enough, i think the european union and its chief negotiator are weak enough that there's a risk that some weakening of the sanctions could well take place just as the price to get iran to the table. i think that's a big mistake
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because i think it prefigures other concessions in the negotiations that will be even more harmful. >> they seem to be talking out both sides of their mouth. about what, two years ago i sat down with ahmadinejad. at that time he sent a letter to president obama and he was upset. he hadn't gotten a response which is one reason they wanted to do the interview. he was blaming obama for not responding to him. as you mentioned, here's the supreme leader, here's his quote. he says, quote, the u.s. is pointing a gun at iran and wants us to talk to them. the iranian nation will not be intimidated by these actions, direct talks will not solve any problems. so as you say, why pursue direct talks if they're already turning us down? >> well, there's a split between. ayatollah and ahmadinejad whose term will expire later this year, so these are at best tactical differences. what the iranians i think sense is that this is an opportunity
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to try to do two things. one e get the sanctions lifted or modified or second, cut a deal with the united states and the europeans that legit mizes their right to continue enriching uranium. the obama administration has already conceded that. it's a huge mistake, but if iran can get that legitimacy basically overturning six years of security coin sil council re, they'll be well on the way to an easy glide path to nuclear weapons. >> an easy glide path to nuclear weapons if they're given this right for uranium enrichment? >> the more they enrich to reactor grades, the easier it is to take the next relatively baby like steps to get up to weapons grade material, and at this point given the obama administration, i don't think anybody seriously believes is going to use military force against iran's program. the spotlight's on israel. that's the last obstacle to what is now the moat most likely out.
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mainly that iran gets nuclear weapons. >> you predict iran could get nuclear weapons? what's your predixon what the end game is and how this will turn out? >> i think if they went into a rush, they could get nuclear weapons in a matter of months. what's interesting is they're not in a rush. they're building a very deep, extensive nuclear weapons programs, different weighs to get them -- ways to get them, processeprocessed plutonium. they don't feel threatened. if they can buy space economically, buy more space politically, as i said, they're on a glide path. the future is theirs in the middle east at this point. >> the future is theirs, says john bolton. quite a chilling predrinks. ambassador, always good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you, eric. >> jamie? >> thanks, eric. we're keeping a close eye on the manhunt for former los angeles police officer that's continuing in california and authorities take an interesting look back into christopher dorner's past. there's actually video of him training to be a police officer.
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>> jamie: boeing's problem-plagued dream liner after they were permitted to send up a jet for a two-hour test. crews said things went smoothly after the worldwide sleet had to be grounded after battery problems caused fires in an emergency landing last month. >> eric: well, there's a big exclusive interviews on "fox news sunday". chris wallace sat down with nancnannancy pelosi. she said the u.s. doesn't have a spending problem. >> it's almost a false argument
7:25 am
to say we have a spending problem. we have a budget deficit problem we have to address. right now we have low interest on the national debt, and it's a googood time for us to act to loather deficit. we think the deficit and the national debt are at a moral level. we think they must be reduced. we're sick and tired of paying interest on the national debt. that's 15%. that's a large percentage of the budget. >> joining us now is the anchor of "fox news sunday" chris wallace. good morning, chris. >> how are you, eric? >> eric: we heard her say that the national debt is at immoral levels. how do we fix it? what would you say? >> well, the pressure the president -- expression the president used a lot during the campaign, and you know what that means. i suspect it's very different than the republicans, but also yes, tax increases and spending cuts. no more raising of rates but
7:26 am
there's a lot that can be done in taking away loopholes, dehe duckses on the wealthy, do away with the subsidies to the oil companies, the buffett role that anybody who makes more than a million dollars has to pay 30%. he said it's not suspending problem, it's a priorities problem. we have to get our priorities right. obviously her ideas of what should be cut and what shouldn't get increases are different from the republicans. >> the national debt clock, it's going like this. >> eric: how do they get handle on it? >> well, that's interesting and i really would commend people to watch this interview. i suspect they'll disagree with a lot of it, but i point out to her. they talk constant lyricly, the democrats and nancy employees, about the making the rich pay their share. the top 1% pay 39%, the top 5% pay over 50% of all taxes.
7:27 am
if you were to take every cents that everybody that makes more than a million dollars make, it's $726 billion which isn't even enough to close the deficit. the argument i make to her is you can't tax your way out of this problem. you have to cut spending. she says you know, we can tax a lot more than we are now and that the spending that needs to be cut is in different areas, but she certainly supports, for instance, in entitlements. she said you can cut -- there's a lot of waste in the system. a lot of excess money is going to the providers. she said you shouldn't raise the eligibility age for medicare and cut the benefits that go to the patients. >> that's interesting, not raising the age. finally, chris, the president's state of the union on tuesday. they talk about the -- the white house said he will address these economic issues, especially dealing with the middle class. what did you expect him to say? >> well, i think that what you're going to hear is that yes, we do need some spending cuts and we do have a deficit problem, and yes, there's a lot
7:28 am
of talk about is he ques seques. the president will say we need spending on areas like education and energy and infrastructure and manufacturing. it's what we calls investments. the idea is short-term stimulus, long term deficit cuts. you know what the response from republicans will somebody if stimulus works, we would have had trillion dollar deficits, by we've increased our debt by $5 trillion over the last four years. if stimulus worked, we'd have a roaring economy right now. >> and apparently we don't. >> eric: chris, good to see you. >> we also have an exclusive interview with john mccain who is very tough on the president on foreign policy issues. >> eric: thank you, chris. those interviews are on the "fox news sunday" program that airs later on today here on the fox news chabannel at 2 p.m. and 6 .
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on the fox newschannel. jamie? >> jamie: you know what's coming up. the doctors are in for their sunday housecall. they'll tell us about a surprising new study that's raising concerns about the effects of a common supplement. it's been linked to heart disease. we'll tell you what it is. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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